Welcome to the Perch!

What better way to begin the new year than to launch this little bit of me, that has been wanting to share life with you for a while now. It’s interesting to me how differently I see the world from this vantage point.  From a year or two, or fifty some, of life experiences. From up here… on Gramma’s Perch.

I hope you enjoy the things I share with you and maybe even find some value and ideas for your own life.  Whether you are  a grandmother, just beginning your family or a single, I’d like to think that you will find value in the day to day musings, observations and discoveries I share.

On this first day of 2015 I’ve been thinking about words.  Or, more specifically, a word.  A word of focus for this year.  It’s become a little trendy to have a word for the year ahead.  A theme, if you will. I generally am not about being trendy, rather I’m about being individual; different; me!  But this is an effort I believe can hold power for pursuing the journey ahead.  Maybe you will find it to be worthwhile, also.

I prayed bout it.  I pondered.  I wanted something to come to mind that would knock my socks off.  Instead, the word that kept coming back to mind was one that actually made me feel a little fearful.  Ironic with the word that it is.  Oh.. you want to know the word, don’t you? Courage.  My word for this year is courage.


I bantered back and forth a little and decided that it must just be coming to mind because the theme for the California Women’s Retreat is “The Key to Courage”.   So I went for a walk, read a book, sat down and prayed again and guess what?  My word is still courage.

The word scares me a little because I already know some of the things I will face this year.  I immediately decided I would have to “muster up courage” to walk the path I know I will have to walk.  And then I realized.  No, I already have the courage.  I already have the strength.  All of the courage I need comes from my power source, God almighty. How exciting!  Courage. COURAGE.  Hmm… now I’m sounding a little like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz! But it is true, what the lion learned! It’s inside of us and has been all along. Now, just to remember that as I travel!

What an exciting journey I will have this year, walking with courage, down the path that is mine!  COURAGE.

Welcome to the Perch. Let’s share a cup of java or tea….and some COURAGE!




P.S.  I really would love it if you could join me at California Women’s Retreat February 28-March 1 in San Ramon.  How fun it would be to get to know you a little better while be learn more about “The Key to Courage” together. http://www.cawr.org


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