Births, Engagements, Funerals, Weddings and Birthdays

Births, Engagements, Funerals, Weddings and Birthdays

Yes, it is a strange title. But it has been my life for the last few months. Well, let’s face it… for the first half of 2015!

When I last posted at the beginning of the year, I shared that the term I felt was going to be my guiding word for this year was courage.courage

I was right. I’ve needed courage and more, to walk through the last 162 days. It has “taken a village” provided by God to sustain, encourage, lift me up, rebuild my joy, give me strength and endurance and restore my peace. And I am stronger, wiser and more in love with my Savior today than I was on New Year’s Day. I am praying that God will choose a less trauma filled road to teach me lessons and build my hope and character over the next half of the year! Can I get an Amen…several Amens? Please?

On January 18, 2015 a precious angel was born to my eldest daughter, Melinda. Victoria Catherine Hoagland entered this world with a little physical heart that God made in the way he chose to make it.Pink Hat It was a heart with a condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It required surgery, which lead to some complications which ultimately caused a routine procedure, not related to her heart surgery per se, to become non-routine and ended her short, sweet 23 days of life. In those 23 days, Torie Cate touched the lives of thousands of people near and far, showing them the spirit of a fighter and drawing them into a hope and a faith that many had never known before. Her life made a difference. Her life was precious. Her life was planned by God.

During this emotional time, on February 2nd, my youngest, my MIsha, my Mary Ashleigh called to say that she was engaged to the man of her dreams (and ours!) Daniel Joshua (DJ) Salas.

Proposal  “And oh, by the way…. we don’t want to wait very long to be husband and wife… we are thinking 3 months at the most”. Such joy, elation, excitement…. such panic?! 3 months? Are you kidding me? This is my baby. engagementShe will have the wedding of her dreams in 3 months, if God provides the way.

And so, on Saturday, May 23, 2015 Daniel Joshua Salas took Mary Ashleigh Hoagland to be his wife and they became Mr. & Mrs. Salas. #salaspartyoftwo #djandmary

Mr. and Mrs. Salas

Two days ago I celebrated the first day of the last year of being in my 50s. I come into this 60th year on Earth with renewed excitement for life. A refreshed perspective on what is important. Commitment to pursue the important and leave the other stuff for the “time left over” instead of the other way around. I have goals for this year. Things I am asking God to empower me to accomplish before June 9, 2016. Better health, smaller clothes, an enriched mind and closer, more intimate relationship with my Lord.

I’m back. Gramma will share with you over the next several weeks what I have learned through the experiences God has allowed me so far this year.

So… pull up that place on the perch, settle in and let’s talk. antique-bird-cages-wallpaper-border-wallpaper-border-with-birds-antique-bird-cages

I know my God doesn’t allow anything that He doesn’t want used to enrich someone’s life. Maybe my lessons were meant for you.

Jeremiah 29 11

Blessings & Hugs,

Gramma Arla


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