To Re-Examine My Why

As the events of life and circumstances have evolved this year, I’ve had to stop and take a look at many of whys I have in life.  Why do I procrastinate? Why do I believe what I believe? Why do I get inside myself when things are tough? Right now… why do I want to blog?

My why has changed in the last several months.  My why is multi-faceted.

First, I have a deep desire to connect. To connect in a way that is meaningful and loaded with value. I am passionate about relationships and being intentional about the pursuit for those connections.  Having a place where we can “perch” together, I believe, is a way to connect with people I may not have opportunity to connect with otherwise or it may be simply easier to begin here with others and have the chance to springboard to a real eyeball to eyeball friendship.

I also want to make a difference.  My heart is so full of ideas and experience and love for so much that I want to share.  If I can share one thing in a forum such as “Gramma’s Perch” and make a difference in only one other’s life, then I will have fulfilled that one deep wish I have, to be an inspiration or resource for another woman living on this planet.

Let’s be real.  I also want to promote some things I have passion for and want to invite others to enjoy along with me.  Some of them will profit me materially, others will enrich me emotionally.

California Women’s Retreat is coming up and coming along, getting ready for our annual gathering February 26 – 28, 2012.  What a better way to let women know what’s going on from a personal perspective?

I am re-launching my direct selling business which I am so in love with. Not only are our products such high quality useful items but the foundation of Thirty-One is based on amazing values and purposes to empower women to be independent entrepreneurs, as well as reaching out to those who may not be in a position to help themselves quite yet, giving women and children tools to move forward.  The icing on the cake for me is that the company is an amazingly faith-based organization, who is not ashamed to say who they are or give glory to God for their success.

So, my why? To connect with women with the purpose of making a difference and creating some amazing relationships and connections that will benefit others as well as promote those things that are near and dear to my heart.

Pull up a spot on the perch here.  Grab some tea or a cup of coffee and lets chirp for a bit. Let’s connect. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.  I’m equally as excited to be known by you.

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