Slow to Speak

My hope is that this piece is thought provoking, perhaps a springboard for change or motivation to make a difference in a positive way.

For the last several months I have tried to take a breath before “posting all that Bible stuff”. But my reality is that the Word of God, (“that Bible stuff”) is how I live and it is what I believe. When craziness abounds around me and I’m looking for a way to make some sense of the craziness, that is where I go. The Bible. It works for me. (And thousands upon millions of others, I might add)

In regard to the events of the last week or so, the verse below keeps repeating in my heart. Let me break down for you what the words are telling me for this time we are in.

1. LISTEN! Hear one another. Truly honestly be interested and HEAR one another. Everyone, not just those you already know agree with your views. “Seek to understand” ~ Stephen Covey

2. BEFORE YOU SPEAK, have all the hard facts. Not those you read in someone’s post that found their information from a cousin of a friend of a neighbor of a former employer who might have known one of the principals at one time 18 years ago. And by all means if what you are going to say won’t contribute toward a solution, DON’T speak at all. “If you can’t say sumthin’ nice, don’t say nuffin’ at all!” ~ Thumper from the Disney movie, Bambi

3. COOL YOUR JETS with your righteous anger. There are elements of these situations that merit anger and emotion. But “in your anger do not sin!” If your words are going to stir up more anger and division, then they are not well thought out. Words and actions that are simply out of selfish anger will not have a good outcome. It will only lead down the same path that got you angry to start with and now you have become a part of the problem.

Social media makes it all to easy to know instantly about a situation without all the facts. Instead, we receive thousands of posts and images, word and opinions that are biased one way or the other. Let’s take time to breathe, listen, understand, take valuable action (I.e., prayer, education on each situation, compassion, voting when called upon to do so, more education in regard to authentic history, volunteering, etc.)
Let’s be better than we have been being. We have future generations watching what we do. We are teaching them with our actions, one way or the other.
“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

James 1:19
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